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Unreal Engine virtual production is a revolutionary technique that harnesses real-time technology to craft and control digital environments, characters, and effects within film and media projects. This cutting-edge approach empowers filmmakers to seamlessly blend the realms of virtual and reality, leveraging powerful tools like LED walls, motion capture, and virtual cameras. As an Unreal Engine virtual production artist, I have dedicated the past few years to mastering the intricacies of this field and comprehending the profound impact and significance this technology holds for the future of television and cinema.


At ScarabDigital, I worked on the project "Above Horizon" where our goal was to create visually stunning, realistic cloud scenes at various times of the day. It was a challenge to achieve real-time rendering while maintaining high-quality visuals. I invested considerable time and effort in testing and optimizing the scenes, including iterative adjustments on the LED wall. The impressive results speak for themselves.




At ScarabDigital, I contributed to this project, aiming for a highly realistic and detailed scene. I developed a dynamic sky with day and night environments, allowing seamless time and position changes that realistically impacted the assets and surroundings. The team invested substantial effort in perfecting the scene, creating captivating clouds and assets, and overcoming the challenge of achieving real-time, hyper-realistic visuals.